About Us

Established in 2005, Loveridge Builders is headed up by a husband and wife team, Mike and Adele Loveridge. Mike is a Licensed Building Practitioner with over 25 years of building experience.

Their team includes five highly experienced, qualified and licensed builders, each of who take on one or two apprentices. They strongly believe in bringing keen, young blood on board and enjoy giving them the opportunity to learn their trade and contribute to the team. This affords Loveridge the flexibility of having several crews they are able to manage between projects as needed.

The business is very much family owned and operated and has proudly built a reputation for solid, fast and reliable work, along with strong relationships with suppliers, sub-contractors, banks, investment partners and developers over the last decade.

Based in Ramarama, Loveridge Builders specialize in residential builds, from large scale developments, social housing through to full contract and house-and-land packages and have worked extensively throughout the South and East Auckland region.

All of their houses come with a 10 year Master Builders Guarantee.


After completing his building apprenticeship under his Dad Russell in 1998, Mike gained his qualifications before moving on and in 2001 he started as a contract builder for Fletcher Construction. The next 13 years saw him working hard and gaining invaluable knowledge and experience in large scale residential and commercial developments.

As the building industry continued to gain pace, Mike recognized an opportunity and took the leap to set up his own company, and in 2005 started Loveridge Builders, bringing his wife Adele on board as well as his Dad, Russell.

Mike project manages all of the full contract and house-and-land package builds as well as handling the costing and pricing work for the whole business.


Adele is the team’s shopping department, and is always on the lookout for that special piece of land, which can be turned into a life-long family home.

She also looks after the legal, accounting and financial side of the business as well as being the main client contact on private contract and house-and-land projects, and enjoys working closely with clients and architects to help bring their vision to life.