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Rebuilding lives, one home at a time

It took developer Mark McConnel almost two years but finally he got the green light for a 30-unit social housing development that has something we believe every New Zealander should have: not just a  roof over their head, but homes where families can feel warm, secure and part of the community.

"The vision for the new community was to have a place for people to stand, their turangawaewae", says LinkPeople Board member Penny Hulse, adding "This provides the stability that is a crucial part of being able to live well."    

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"The vision for the new community was to have a place for people to stand, their turangawaewae. This provides the stability that is a crucial part of being able to live well."

Penny Hulse


The prep work

Made up of three blocks of two bedroom units, the Orams Road development has been thoughtfully planned, with outdoor living spaces part of the construction. 

It’s the small things that matter. To foster a sense of community there are two communal areas outside with barbecue tables, along with bike racks to encourage activities.

Each unit also has its own deck and there is a big recycling unit to encourage sustainable living, while one of the units has been designated as an office where LinkPeople staff can be based and tenants can come with any concerns or just to chat and connect.

Loveridge worked closely with architects, quantity surveyors and landscape architects to input on design, resource consent, building consent and civil consents. “The client came to us with the plans and then we priced it and tried to tidy up some stuff around the design to make it a bit cheaper for him," recalls Mike Loveridge.

The prep work

The build

"The site originally had two houses on it which Mark demolished, so we took over from there. It was basically bare land and a whole lot of metal and then we had about 500 piles to put in and stuff like that. Then we were away."

The build itself took 10 months, total completion 13 months.  Each of the two-bedroom units was 58 square metres with a total of 1915 metres of build. Loveridge project managed the whole process.

"Once the price was sorted Mark let us get on with doing everything. He's trustworthy, he’s like us, he works on trust and that’s a massive part of it,” observes Mike. “I just think we’re lucky because we can do the whole lot. I was an old school apprentice so we can do floors and everything and it makes it easier in the long run.”

The build

The Loveridge difference

"I think, probably just the time frames we can do it in," says Mike. “I know there’s a lot of other guys out there that say they can do it, but they can’t. But we can, which I think is a big difference.”

One of the reasons they can do this is the longstanding relationships of the team. “We’ve been in the business a long time, so all our builders have learnt the craft from the bottom up and we work with the same subbies all the time. We know we can deliver.” 

In the end it comes down to, “Just common sense and guys that want to work hard, that’s the other hard thing is having builders that actually want to do a good day’s work."

The Loveridge difference


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