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One eye on cost. One eye on quality. No wonder Mike’s cross-eyed.

Social housing projects come with their own challenges. These days a living wage has to stretch a long way so there is real satisfaction in building warm, quiet homes that are low maintenance yet high quality.

“There are a few things you have to get right on tight budgets,” reckons developer Mike McConnel. “An experienced eye. Control of the whole project to manage costs tightly. And a streamlined workflow to make sure everything meets deadline… Loveridge ticks all these boxes.”

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“An experienced eye. Control of the whole project to manage costs tightly. And a streamlined workflow to make sure everything meets deadline… Loveridge ticks all these boxes.”

Mark McConnel

Right from the get-go

On every project Mike likes to get involved at the design stage so he can work alongside the architects to make practical suggestions. Little suggestions can make a big difference to the overall budget, such as reducing the amount of plants in the landscape budget or changing the cladding from cedar to an equally impactful cladding to avoid staining every two years using scaffolding.

From then on in Loveridge takes care of everything from bare land to build right through to the fencing.

“After the house had been demolished, SB Civil cleared all the site and levelled it to get us ready for a slab prep,” explains Lewis, the site supervisor. While this was happening Adelle was also clearing the way with health and safety so the builders could just walk straight on and get boxing and concreting.

Right from the get-go

Many hands make light work

The development consists of 20 one-bedroom units, with a compact 39 sqm per unit - 881 sqm in total. It was started in 1st February and, despite lockdown, the keys were still handed over on time and on budget by 20 November.

“We had around 8 builders on the job. For the size of the job and how fast we got it done, it was pretty amazing.”

Co-ordination is critical so having Loveridge take care of everything was a big factor in streamlining costs. “We’ve worked with Mark on a couple of jobs now and he just trusts us to get on and do it, “ says Mike. “It frees him up to manage all the projects he’s got on the go, and gives us greater oversight.

We had good guys running the site too. So, we know everything’s getting ordered and getting organised and everything goes smoothly and there are no hold-ups.”

Many hands make light work

No corners cut for quality

On projects like these, Mike always has one eye on cost and one eye on quality. “If anything it’s even more important on projects like this to build it right because you want to keep things like heating costs down for the occupant and low ongoing maintenance costs.”

The anti-slip flooring was chosen to be durable and wearable so it lasts longer, as was the back-lining on the curtains. All homes were fitted with economical heating units and the standalone appliances were simple, yet robust.

Sound was the other factor, “There are train tracks running past them at the back. But when you’re in homes the trains have minimal impact, especially with our new acoustic floor systems,” says Ricky, also a Site Supervisor. “If you’re upstairs and someone’s downstairs working you can’t really hear each other at all.”

No corners cut for quality

The finishing touches

With social housing, fostering a sense of pride and community is important. The development has a communal area with garden boxes to sit beside and chat.

“The general build itself was pretty standard but I think when it came time to finish it all off, the fencers came in, the landscapers, they’ve really taken it to another level, “ says Lewis. “Especially out the front on the road side. They’ve got a slated fence which has more visibility through to the yards and we’ve had a few people stop-by and say they really like the look of it. So, I think that’s just taken it from looking like another state house sort of set-up to more of a modern home. It’s visually quite impressive.”

The finishing touches

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